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    Below you can view and download all presentations that have been approved so far:

    Industrial IoT Bootcamp – Sunday, September 23 2018

    Industrial IoT Bootcamp_Charlie Gifford_ISA

    Day 01 – Monday, September 24 2018

    Day 1 – Part 1 – All Presentations

    Day 1 – Part 2 – All Presentations

    Day 01_Stream 1_ Audi Lucas _Man Diesel

    Day 01_Stream 1_ Dave Rauch_Western Digital

    Day 01_Stream 1_Christian Oestergaard_Postnord

    Day 01_Stream 1_Dr John Carrier_MIT Sloan

    Day 01_Stream 1_Dr Toby Walsh_Data61

    Day 01_Stream 1_Eric Schaeffer_Accenture

    Day 01_Stream 1_Lyman Tschanz_Rockwell

    Day 01_Stream 1_Nicole Segerer_Flexera

    Day 01_Stream 1_Volkhard Bregulla_HPE

    Day 01_Stream 1_Mark Gallant_PTC

    Day 01_Stream 1_Patrick Loosen_Lonza

    Day 01_Stream 1_Jens Kaatze_Covestro

    Day 01_Stream 1_Agmon Porat_Ham-let

    Day 01_Stream 2_Axel Dancker_E.ON

    Day 01_Stream 2_Oliver Fenker_Liebherr

    Day 01_Stream 2_Dr. Martin Landherr_Festool

    Day 01_Stream 2_Dr. Henning Mersch_Beckhoff Automation

    Day 01_Stream 3_Latif Ladid – IEEE

    Day 01_Stream 3_Lars Nielson_Hoffmann Group

    Day 01_Stream 3_Narayanan Ramanathan_L&T Technology Services

    Day 01_Stream 3_Jan Metzner_AWS

    Day 01_Stream 3_John Ferguson_Nissan

    Day 01_Stream 4_Dr. Renaud DiFrancesco – Sony

    Day 01_Stream 4_Giampaolo Burello_Husqvarna

    Day 01_Stream 4_Thomas Pump_E.ON

    Day 01_Stream4_Matthias Schir_Merck

    Day 01_Stream 4_Prof. Dr. Dimitris Kyritsis_EPFL

    Day 01_Stream 4_Prof. Dr. Christian Diedrich_OVDU

    Day 01_Stream 4_Johannes Petrowisch_CopaData

    Day 01_Stream 4_Harold Jan Verlee_DataRPM


    Day 2 – Tuesday, September 25 2018

    Day 2 All Presentations

    Day 02_Stream 1_AnesHodzic_Airbus

    Day 02_Stream 1_Christian Doelle_RWTH Aachen

    Day 02_Stream 1_David Strauss_Nestle

    Day 02_Stream 1_Dr Ralf-Michael Wagner_Siemens

    Day 02_Stream 1_Pavan Singh_WindRiver

    Day 02_Stream 1_Quentin Jones_AccentureHPE

    Day 02_Stream 1_Stefan Hoppe_OPC Foundation

    Day 02_Stream 1-Pierluigi Petrali_Whirlpool

    Day 02_Stream 3_Angel Bombin_Sonae Arauco

    Day 02_Stream 2_Sidsel Godal_Equinor

    Day 02_Stream 2_Rainer Schmutte_WAGO

    Day 02_Stream 2_Pedro Tavares_Stork

    Day 02_Stream 2_Joe LaRussa_Brose

    Day 02_Stream 3_Dr Nicole Tschauder_SAS

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